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Daniel Sabanekh

Senior management, strategy, marketing, business growth, proud dad & fitness fanatic.

Will remain to be helping people to change their lives in the simplest way possible. As I believe everyone deserves the right to good mental & physical health. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult it’s a mindset & a way of life that each of us should try & explore for their long-term potential, well-being & growth both professionally & mentally.

Daniel is a seasoned management performance-driven professional with a progressive 20+ year career experience in the Saudi and regional market, class leader in supporting visionary leaders & business owners with strategy & implementations across many industries . distinguished by exceptional success in building, growing and leading companies in local and regional market expansion.

Passionate about building strategy, public relation, crisis management, communication through digital & e-commerce, while using creative strategies & tactics to push organizations for culture change programs.
Business strategist & marketer with a vast experience of customer development, proven by the launch of the kingdom’s 2nd GSM operator in Saudi Arabia (Mobily) in 2005 & many other experiences in retail, automotive & city marketing & governmental.

An innovator, who is a creative thinker and has the ability & zest to convert ideas into workable plans. Leadership in group dynamics supervisory, enthusiastic and consummate leader with operational expertise in marketing, client relationship, business strategies and human resources. Talented communicator and strategic negotiator who develops and sustains corporate relationships as a first-class ambassador for the organization. People’s man who excels in grooming, motivating & coaching the talent to achieve their career objectives.

Daniel also held several leadership and advisory roles helping tech start ups, non-profits, ecommerce companies with mission critical agendas related to growth, sustainability, valuation& strategic partnerships and business optimization.

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